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Here Comes Baby!
May 05, 2017
Here Comes Baby!

   Waiting for a new baby is such an exciting time!  Life is about to change in ways you didn't expect and soon you will wonder how you managed life without your new little person. We had a fun time with this session on a beautiful spring day, taking advantage of a field of wildflowers that surprised us on our way to our second location. It was a gift and we took full advantage of it!  Our mom-to-be looks amazing, and dad's looking pretty good too! Have a look and see if you can figure out part of their story.   Enjoy.  

Death Valley in Spring
April 12, 2017
Here Comes Baby!

Sometimes, I like to shoot for myself, for the pure joy of creating a photographic image, to practice new techniques, or just to soak in some sun and pristine views.   Recently I visited Death Valley National Park for the first time. Over the course of 3 days, I left my room before dawn and returned long after dark, exploring the park. While the superbloom wasn't happening here,  the park was magnificent in it's stark ever-changing shift of light and color.   I was fortunate to have some clouds for beautiful color and dramatic light some of the time.   Come explore with me in the following photos.  

Looking for the SuperBloom
March 17, 2017
Here Comes Baby!

Joshua Tree National Park is about two hours from where I live.  It's a wealth of other-worldly landscapes.  With all the extra rain California has gotten this season, the deserts are in bloom like they haven't been in years.  I headed out with a group of fellow photographers to see what we could find. We were a little disappointed at the lack of blooms in this area, but Joshua Tree never disappoints when it comes to interesting compositions.  Here are a few of my favorites from this particular trek.  

A Cowboy Christmas
January 15, 2017
Here Comes Baby!

     One of my great pleasures of the holiday season is my annual tablescape theme.  It differs from year to year and is always a surprise for my family when they arrive to celebrate the holidays.  This year it was a Cowboy Christmas. Red bandanas, mini hay bales, lanterns and denim and rope.  From the Cowgirl hat topper on the tree, to the mason jar mugs, it was a Christmas fit for a buckaroo!  My favorite part were the ornaments I made this year, and the jean pocket "gift wrapping".  Take a peek!  

Grandkids and Christmas...a Perfect Pair!
December 17, 2016
Here Comes Baby!

Every once in a while I get the privilege of photographing extended families.   In this case, no parents allowed!   These are some lucky grandchildren, and their energetic grandparents are so proud to have them!   

A Country Wedding -
September 05, 2016

    Sometimes you just know when people are meant for each other.  I was lucky enough to photograph the wedding story for this sweet couple.  Katrina and Mike both have overcome some challenges in their lives that only those who've been through them can really understand.  Then they met.  He's her rock, she's his everything.  Together they are going to be a might force!   Here's their story in images.  To see more, check out the slide show of their big event at M&K Country Wedding! 

A Week at West Coast School!
June 12, 2016
Here Comes Baby!

   Part of my commitment to providing clients with great images is taking advantage of educational opportunities with top industry professionals. This summer, I was able to work with Rick Ferro, a leading photographer in the wedding field at the annual West Coast School.  I was able to spend a week of all-day study, with hands-on shooting. Rick set up many shots posted here, and gave detailed instruction on posing and lighting, but students also were able to set up their own, both in-studio and on location.  I can't wait to put much of this into practice at my upcoming wedding! Here's some samples of what I was able to capture during this great class.  In a future post, I'll let you in on a little secret.  Shhhh! 

A Forever Love
June 11, 2016
Here Comes Baby!

True Love.  People write books about it.  People make movies about it.  People are always searching for it.  Well, Bob and Dianne have found it!  Celebrating their 50th Anniversary this June,  three years late, these two gathered friends and family to celebrate with them. Children and grandchildren gathered around, and they danced like newlyweds at the Sun Lakes Clubhouse and cut the cake again. The love between them was palpable, and it touched the hearts of everyone who saw it.  Congratulations! 

Summer Senior Session
August 19, 2015
Here Comes Baby!

     This young lady was on the ball and scheduled her Senior Portrait Session in the late summer before her last year of high school got crazy.  She rocked it out, too!   We had a blast playing with different looks, locations and outfits.  She went from girl-next-door to sophisticated with just a simple change of location and clothing.  I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her and giving her exactly what she wanted for her custom-designed album. 

Sweethearts Always
June 06, 2014
Here Comes Baby!

                          Eighth grade sweethearts. Yep. Eighth grade and still going strong, and both as sweet as could be!  It was my pleasure to be able to document this very special day for Cherie and Jim.  We spent the day together from get-ready at the hair salon, to the moment they had their send off to their honeymoon. The wedding was held at St. Frances X. Cabrini Church and the reception was at the Calimesa Country Club and Golf Course .  These two were surrounded by loving family and friends who made the day one to remember.